Lieut. William Turner was my cousin. I didn't really care too much about the flag not being lowered at Parliament Hill. Lots of other places have flags lowered. What really concerns me though is that I heard today that the media is not going to be allowed to film the coffins coming home and that this is a new permanent rule. As a member of one of the families I can tell you that I and some of my other family members have been glued to the TV and the internet, downloading pictures and stories of Bill. We have to wait along time until we can have his funeral and the media coverage has brought a lot of comfort to us. They have all been very respectful when told "No comment" and they have respected our privacy while still giving us a window into his time in Afghanistan. I will not be at the tarmac in Trenton just as I was not on the tarmac in Khandahar. I would dearly love to see him arrive home just as I was able to see him loaded onto the plane this morning. However, I will not be able to and the reason, I believe is political and not out of respect for the families. Honouring their sacrifice is what is respectful to the families.