Friday, January 05, 2007

Wajid Khan, what we have learned

MP Wajid Khan has crossed the floor and joined the Conservative caucus. It has been rumored for a few days and predicted, pretty much assured actually, last night by Stephen Taylor.

Well, good luck Mr. Khan, I hope you have made the correct decision. Time will tell.

Personally, I don't care either way. I think that if Mr. Khan has crossed in good conscience then that is his decision. He will have to do some pretty big explaining to his constituents, considering some of his previous statements. Some think his decision is pretty stupid, but as I said we shall see.

So, what have learned from Mr. Khan's defection?

1. Liberals and Conservatives aren't really that far apart. Ask Jason Cherniak or Dan McTeague. Khan didn't seem to have any qualms about crossing. Maybe he's always been a Conservative. Maybe he was "the Mole". I do expect there to be a mini-shuffle, getting Khan into cabinet right before the next election. I'm sure it would have happened yesterday, if not for the obvious bad, Stronachesque optics. I'll let you know for sure when Gurmant Grewal send me the tapes.

2. Principles? We don't need no stinking principles! Right Helena?

3. Apparently Mr. Dion doesn't have the handle on his caucus he thinks he has:

"Just hours before Harper's announcement, Dion told CBC News on Friday that he was confident Khan was a loyal Liberal and that there was "no indication" a defection was on the horizon."
4. Considering his "inside source", it is quite obvious that Stephen Taylor is not "just a blogger" who is a Conservative, as he like to claim, but an official, Conservative media conduit. Anything he says should be considered as coming directly from the Conservative Party. He's their blogging propaganda arm, their online shill. Not that there is anything wrong with that. At least lets be honest about it and drop the "citizen journalist" pretense. I do wonder, however, how Elections Canada might view that.

Isn't Canadian politics fun?

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At 11:48 AM, Blogger Mike said...


Stephen, I had no doubts about it, namely for those reasons. You are too smart a BT to speculate about something, use an "unnamed source" and publish it like that without actually having an inside source.

That kind of speculation and foolishness is taken care of by guys like Canadian Sentinel and Joel at 'Proud to be Canadian.'

That you have such close ties and inside sources is what leads me to believe you are more than just a blogger. Its not like this is the first time you've managed something like this, is it?

Like I said, I don't care as long as you are up front about it so people can take that into consideration when they read your blog. If I were an insider or somehow officially connected to the NDP inner sanctum, I'd certainly let people know.

BTW and OT, how's the AI research going?

At 5:20 PM, Blogger DazzlinDino said...

Although he might get inside info now and then, Stephen also does his share of investigating as well. I seem to remember him camping out at a coffee shop during the election to listen in on conversations. I have more respect for him than I do some of his commentors.

Stephen, anyone who shows partisanship is termed a "shrill" in the blogosphere, you should know that. I did a somewhat anti conservative post a while back on the environment and got called a Liberal lacky.....that was one of my favorites.

I want to see what happens to blogging in the next election, I would bet ALL parties are going to have their share of sources they feed, and more of them.

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just back from the warmer south and read this stuff. I live in Mississauga and can tell you Khan is DOA at the next election.

Dont really understand the Cherniak/McTeague comparison. Most Con blogs and the party Blog have given these two a real shit kicking after Harper's original feeling that carpet bombing Lebanon was was good thing.

The real stunner in all of this of course, is the false belief that the Cons are making inroads in ethnic communities. Armed with Harper's premature call on Lebanon, labelling Tamils Tigers terrorists and pissing of the Chinese, I cant see how all this adds up to more support.Are they really believing there own press releases ?



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