Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Problem with Conservatives

While I'm sure most of my Prog Blog friends won't agree with everything Sean Gangol of The Libertarian Enterprise has to say, I'm sure they will agree with his assessment of Conservatives. Read it and see if it reminds of of anyone you have encountered in the blogsphere or in real life.

The money quote:

"If you truly want to live in a free society, you must have tolerance for things you don't like. You may not like abortion, drugs or homosexuality, but these are things you have to co-exist with if you want to live free. If you are the type that want control over other people's bodies or if you want to treat a certain group of people like secondary citizens, then a police state is the only place you belong."


(Hat tip to Strike the Root)

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Monday, August 06, 2007

My Philosophy

A while back, I was asked "Why?" by many friends in the blogging world who were curious as to the changes I made.

This is my answer. (By Ken Schooland.)

These are the first principles from which my political stances emanate. It is neither "left" nor "right". It is about freedom and liberty - true freedom and liberty.

Any questions?


This from Catfarmer pretty much says it all too, and far more eloquently than I could.

Keep the questions coming.

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