Thursday, March 06, 2008

Blogging Angry

I have avoided blogging for close to a week. I try not to 'blog angry' because I have found that you often say something in the heat of anger that you regret later. I try to cool down, to let a clearer head prevail so that I can write more reasonably.

Not today.

No, I am still angry beyond words. I am disgusted by what is laughingly referred to as our political system. We live in horrific times where we are ruled by a group of clowns pretending to be acting "in our best interests."


We have a government that is now openly taking measures to censor films that don't pass the muster of religious bigots like Charles McVety. We have a government that is actively attempting to take away not just a woman's right to choose or control her body and trying to call it "Protecting a womans" right to choose, in a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak. This government that ran on transparency, accountability has become the most secretive, most centralized in Canadian history. They pass an "Accountability Act" but haven't quite got around to getting the regulations in place, allowing their top aids to easily go back and forth in the Ottawa lobbying industry. They allow no-bid military contracts, spending billions on ships and planes the CF itself doesn't want. Hell, it seems while they were hammering the previous Liberal government for being corrupt, their operatives where attempting to buy the vote of a dying man for "financial considerations".

They are smug, authoritarian and undemocratic. They are natural-born liars and thieves, every one of them.

There is only one thing worse than the CPC right now and that is the Liberal Party of Canada and their spineless milquetoast leader, Stephane Dion. He has allowed the CPC to rule for as thought they have a majority, while desperately trying to tell us how bad they are.

Case in point - the vote on C-484. A clear attempt by the so-cons to try to introduce fetal personhood into Canadian law by stealth (and not very stealthy since ever fetus fetish blogger has stated that is exactly what the bill is for), a clear attempt to start the re-criminalization of abortion and the resulting enslavement of Canadian women. So what does Dion do? Does he whip his caucus to ensure this obvious piece of social conservative nonsense doesn't pass? No! Does he even show up to vote himself? No! Where was he? Holding a party for female reporters and politicos to celebrate International Woman's Day.

Are you fucking kidding me?!? He was holding a party to talk to women instead of actually doing something to protect their rights from the authoritarian fascist jerks that want to take them away. I guess he had more important priorities, eh?

Dion is not a leader. Not even close. He is a chickenshit, spineless worm.

The NDP doesn't get off either, hell no. While this is going on, they are carrying water for the Conservatives on the Cadman affair, looking to attack the Liberals when they actually do something right. No, they seem very interested in making sure there is proper packaging for candy cigarillos, so kids don't mistake them for the real thing. Or trying to help the Bloc pass legislation to allow the CRTC to regulate violence on TV (yes, I'm sure Charles McVety is pretty happy too). Thanks but as an adult and a parent, I think I can make those decisions on my own, I don't need a mindless bureaucrat or MP deciding this stuff for me. Honestly, the economic illiteracy and nanny-statism of my former party is really breathtaking sometimes.

I've really had enough, and I suspect a lot of other folks out there have too.

Well enough is enough. They say the best way to get out of a hole is to stop digging. I say the best way to beat a crooked game is to simply not play. It is clear that voting doesn't matter. The Conservatives in many ways, turned out to be just as dishonest and power-hungry as the Liberals. The Liberals turned out to be as socially conservative as the very so-cons they warned us about in the last election. The NDP has stopped being the conscience of Canada and become a junior version of the Trudeau Liberals of the '70s, now just as opportunistic and power thirsty as the others.

We cannot rely of slick and dishonest salesman to protect our freedoms, we can only rely on ourselves. People laughed at me a little over a year ago when I became a market anarchist. They thought my position of not participating in a corrupt electoral system was silly. Well, after a year of nonsense and the bullshit of the last week, I feel completely vindicated.

So instead of relying on these jackasses, lets just do it ourselves. Ignore whatever silly laws the pass. Don't pay their taxes (as much as you can). Refuse to participate in their fixed game.

And fuck 'em. All of them.

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