Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well, THAT was interesting.

153 to 152. Probably the closest score in Canadian history.

And now that this thing is over, lets all move on, shall we?

I was serious below when I said that there are some non-partisan issues that all MP's can work on. Stephen Harper seemed gracious and I hope this election stuff can be put behind us until after Gomery reports. Lets move on and pass the new Civil Marriage Act, update the military and finaly getting a foriegn policy that doesn't require a phone call to Washington to check if its okay first. Lets get the budget passed and get childcare deals out to more provinces.

In other words, lets put the last few months behind us and actually get something done in parliament.

I know there are memebers of the CPC that feel the same way.

Besides, I'd much rather go after this guy for a few days, since I grew up near Ipperwash and Kettle Point and I know lots of guys on the reserve there. And I think they and the George family deserve a little justice.


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Politicagrll said...

The only other party legislation that ended in a tie (that i know of) was the Senate vote on the abortion law Kim Campbell brought in. Pretty close shave eh? More important in the long term in all likelihood than this budget---even if i did really want it to pass.

On the final reading it tied so it didn't become law. On second readings they send it back to parliament from to further debate from what i saw on TV and what i'm reading.


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