Friday, November 16, 2007

The Road to Vadodara - Red Eye to Heathrow

I found out while lining up to board that they guy I'm going with wasn't sitting with me. Apparently he got business class and I was put in steerage. Being 6'2" and 270lbs, that presented a bit of a problem for an over night flight.

I sat near the back and as luck would have it, no one was seated with me on right side, so I had two seats to myself. Unluckily, the light didn't work. I moved to another seat to read and when I returned, both of my lovely Air Canada pillows had been absconded by other passengers, who were roving the aisles in packs of two or three, looking for places to lay down.

I managed to curl up and contort to fit on the seat and snoozed for a few moments, only to be awakened by our steward jamming his cart into my foot, which was, through positional necessity, sticking out the end of the seat into the aisle. I managed to straighten out and have an orange juice. A few minutes later my scalp regained feeling.

We hit quite a bit of turbulence, but I was able to block that out by listening to the stewards cat fight over which outfit Daniel Craig was wearing in some fashion magazine was best. Thank God, or may have actually gotten some sleep.

No one joined the "mile high club" on this flight that I am aware of, and I would have been as my seat was in front of one of the toilets. If masturbation counted, it might have happened by accident as a man tried to pee when we hit our regular bouts of turbulence. It was hard to tell - everyone was sleeping and no one seemed to be smiling when the left the loo. But you never know.

The sun came up at about 2:00 am and we landed at 2:30 to a busy London - its 7:30 here. The British Airways lounge is quite nice, lots of tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches. Next is the 10 hour Mumbai leg, in about 1 hour. I'd better get more bacon, I don't think I'll be seeing it for a while.

18 hours to go....

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At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to see some photos. Do a lot of shopping, especially clothes, leather.

At 11:27 AM, Blogger Ron said...


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Nastyboy said...

At leat the beer in Heathrow is cheaper. And there are more places to get it. Got really drunk there once with a young Scottish gal who was on the same flight as me to Vancouver.

Didn't get into the mile high club though.


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