Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Even the Right-Libertarians aren't fooled by faux 'Tea Parties'

Over at Lew Rockwell, we see despite what some may say, libertarians aren't really very supportive of the 'Tea Party' phenomena. Anthony Gregory lambastes the Republicans and the "right" taking part in these protests for their rank hypocrisy and their blind stupidity for being willing participants in - and "useful idiots" of - a fake grassroots campaign.

"The contradiction is a wonder to behold. In one breath, they talk about the fundamental violations of natural rights and constitutional law that modern American statism represents. In the next breath, they decry the president for being insufficiently enthusiastic about American imperialism and the national security state. He is too soft on foreigners and not proud enough of the history of the US war machine – this is still a key rightwing criticism of Obama, right alongside the contradictory claim that Obama puts love of the national government ahead of individual rights."

Anthony Gregory is, by the way, a writer and organizer for The Campaign for Liberty so hardly a "socialist" or "lefty" as some I am sure will want to characterize him.

The right-libertarians aren't fooled. Nor are many of us left-libertarians. I wonder why they Republican base seems to be?

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At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Dr. Prole said...

Why, you ask? They're the same 25% or so who NEED to be told what to do. They crave it. And it just so happens that billionaire-funded right-wing think tanks are the perfect choice to step in and give orders.

Oh plus most of them are just fucking stoopid.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Dr. Prole I think perhaps you are correct.


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